Learning from personal study

Personal study of God’s word, often called “devotions,” is essential to understanding your relationship with God. If you don’t already have a personal study plan, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Designate a time each day when you are most likely to concentrate and not be distracted
  • Find a good reading plan (Most study Bibles offer reading plans through the Old or New Testaments. Our small groups read through the current book being studied at a chapter or two a day. Bible Apps, like YouVersion, offer a wide variety of reading plans that also offer the opportunity to make notes and personal applications.
  • Pray before you begin reading, asking the Holy Spirit to help you discover what the author meant for his audience and how that original message applies to your personal life.

Learning from group study

Studying God’s Word on an individual level is absolutely necessary for spiritual growth, but deeper learning and accountability can occur in the context of a group. Different perspectives can sharpen your faith and challenge you to apply the truth. For more benefit of a Small Group Bible study, see our page here, and consider joining a group.

Learning from the preaching of God’s Word 

Discipleship also occurs in a congregation setting. Truth is proclaimed, and the pastor encourages believers to demonstrate what they believe in a variety of circumstances. This element of exhortation is a unique component to a Christian’s growing in the knowledge of God.

You can listen to our current sermon series by clicking this link, or read more about our Sunday services on this page.