Small Groups

Small Groups

If you are interested in joining a Small Group, please call the church office at 352-242-0919 or email Pastor Kevin at

One of our main Values is Family Atmosphere. This is reflected on our Map by the word Belong under “Connect” We like to ask each member. We seek to connect with other members and gain a sense of belonging through small groups.

Corporate worship is commanded in Scripture, and there are certain activities (e.g., singing, prayer, baptism, Lord’s Supper, preaching of the Word) and benefits for the saints’ gathering in this context. Yet, even the early church met in homes, implying smaller groups and that certain benefits will be sacrificed if believers are not connected in this way. Small Groups are an opportunity for deeper relationships, spiritual growth, and encouragement in our Christian lives.

Small Groups Facilitate

  1. Studying and applying the Word to our lives
  2. Accountability for godly living
  3. Caring for and serving one another
  4.  Assimilating new believers or members into the church
  5. Fellowship
  6. Evangelism and outreach
  7.  Developing leaders within the church
  8. Assisting and equipping each person in finding and fulfilling his or her place in ministry

How do you disciple a crowd? One pastor cannot disciple each individual in depth, but he does shepherd their growth and teach them weekly. The church body can move members along toward spiritual maturity, and this can be visualized as plugging them in as needed on a discipleship pathway.

Therefore, the Small Group should be Bible based, discussion oriented, and people focused. The main goals are to encourage one’s personal discipleship (primarily through understanding how to study the text and exhorting prayer) and to learn how to do so within community. Therefore, it is the leader’s job to encourage the people to get involved in the lives of others.

CBC runs small groups of about eight to twelve people throughout the year. Questions are provided to prompt further discussion about God, Scripture, faith, and daily living. These are times of closer fellowship where members invest in each other’s lives and demonstrate growth in their faith. Small groups are essential to the maturity and development of individual believers as well as the church as a whole.

Current Series: Genesis

1. Genesis Overview

2. Genesis 3_1-24

3. Genesis 6_9-8_19

4. Genesis 11_27-12_20

5. Genesis 17_1-18_15

6. Genesis 22_1-19

7. Genesis 26_34-28_9

8. Genesis 44_1-45_28

Understanding Covenants

Weekly Schedule:

9:30-9:45              Fellowship and Refreshments with Group (Informal discussion, icebreakers, meeting new members)

Opening Prayer

9:45-10:15/20      Bible Study/Discussion

10:20-10:35         Prayer and Accountability (Address needs of group and pray)

10:35-45               Planning and Follow-up (Service ideas, outreach, fun activities, etc.)