About Us

About Us

Clermont Baptist Church  is a small to medium  size congregation. We meet each Sunday in our newly constructed worship center on  Old Hwy 50 between Hancock Road and SR 455. Click here for a map and directions

Our Vision and Mission

Clermont Baptist has a vision of being a community of believers that  God uses to invite others to discover hope through Christ-centered lives, marriages, and families.

Our Values

We hope to make this vision our reality by being true to our core values of Dependence on God, a Family Atmosphere, Sacrificial Living, the Future Generations, and the Active Gospel.

Our Marks

We will know that we are accomplishing our mission when we become and produce disciples who bear the following marks: a Delight in Worship,  a Burden for the Lost, a Lifestyle of Generosity, a Commitment to Unity, and a Pursuit of Holiness.

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